There is no limit to how many recyclable items you can set out curbside EVERY week, or drop off at the transfer station for FREE. A resident vehicle sticker is mandatory to access the transfer station. Click here for hours and location.

Paper, glass and metal can go in the same bin to be put out at curbside. You can put all recyclables in your own barrel or bin of any size and label it with a recycle sticker (stickers are free and may be picked up at the DPW office). Large totes with lids are acceptable. Paper may also be put out in paper bags beside the bin for curbside pickup. View the Single Stream Recycling Guide for more information on what can/cannot go in recycling bins.

Used clothing, bedding, towels, shoes and belts may be recycled curbside if placed in white, drawstring trash bags, except on rainy days. Carpets and rugs are not accepted. View flyer for more details.

Items that cannot be recycled and must go in orange bags as trash:

  • Styrofoam
  • Plastic bags, plastic wrap, plastic 6-pack holders
  • Regular light bulbs and regular batteries 
  • Shredded paper
  • Tanglers: cords, wires, cables
Hard/Rigid Plastics unfortunately have become part of the China recycling problem and are currently a very hard-to-recycle product. Therefore until further notice, these plastics should be put in orange bags as trash, if the item is too large for an orange bag then it can go curbside with a $10 large item/green sticker. Only one large item per week per household.

Bins to recycle books, media, and clothing/textiles are also located at the transfer station. 

In addition to weekly curbside trash, recycling and kitchen compost collection and the Transfer Station, the Town of Manchester-by-the-Sea offers the following disposal options to residents:

  • Hazardous Waste Collection – Please call the Board of Health at 978-526-7385 with questions
  • Motor Oil may be brought to the Highway Garage on Wednesdays; 5-gallon limit
  • Construction Waste in small amounts  - if entirely contained within one orange trash bag – is accepted at curbside pickup; not allowed at the Transfer Station