Pay as You Throw Trash Program

The curbside trash program allows residents to place a maximum of 8 33-gallon sized orange bags at curbside for pickup by the Town's trash collection contractor on a weekly basis. A list of stores selling 15- and 33-gallon orange trash bags appears below.

Orange bags may not exceed 50 pounds in weight, and all bags must be placed at the curb by 7am on the collection day. 

Green trash stickers for large items may be purchased from the Town Clerk's office for $5 each. Large items are collected on a bi-weekly basis, coinciding with orange trash bag pickup days, and are limited to one per household per collection.

Click here for the current year collection calendar.

The cost of orange bags is as follows:
  • 33-gallon orange bags, sleeve of 5 @ $10
  • 15-gallon orange bags, sleeve of 5 @$6.25
Bags may be purchased at the following locations:
  • Richdale
  • Crosby's Market
  • Manchester Hardware
  • Allen's Pharmacy

Trash not in an orange bag at curbside will not be collected, and the resident will be responsible for its removal.

Click here for information and fees related to the disposal/recycling of large items and hazardous waste.