Dog Licenses

State Law requires that all dogs must be licensed in the city or town where they live.   New dogs moving into Manchester should be licensed immediately or, if they are puppies, as soon as they have had their first rabies shot.

Dog licenses must be renewed every year by March 31st.  After March 31st, a $10 late fee will be imposed. Unlicensed dogs will then be further ticketed by the Animal Control Officer.

You may renew or apply for your dog’s license:

  • online (now - upload a photo of your dog!)
  • by mail, using the Registration Form at the bottom of your census form or download here.
  • in person at the Town Clerk’s office during normal business hours.
You will need to provide proof of a current rabies vaccination from your veterinarian showing when the rabies shot was given and when it expires. We cannot issue a license without a current Rabies Certificate. Most Vets send rabies information to the Town Clerk's office and we update rabies information in our licensing system when we receive it. Please feel free to call us to confirm whether you need to supply a rabies certificate as we may already have the information in our system.

Dog licenses cost $25.00 for intact male or female dogs, and $20 for spayed or neutered dogs.

Why must I license my dog? 

The primary function of dog licensing is for the maintenance of public safety. Dog licensing ensures that rabies vaccinations are up to date in order to protect your pet and family from the rabies virus.

Without a current rabies vaccination, if your dog bites another animal or human a series of uncomfortable shots will be required for the pet and human involved as well as to quarantine the animal.

Even if your dog never leaves the house
, up to date animal registration lets public safety officers know that there is a pet inside in case they have to gain access to your home in case of a fire or other emergency.