Compost Site

Welcome to the Manchester Compost Site, now managed by Black Earth Compost. Black Earth will produce a high-quality compost using the food scraps collected curbside each week, as well as brush and yard debris dropped off at the compost site at 197 School Street. Finished compost will be available to the town's residents in the spring. We invite you to say hello and ask questions when you visit the site.

Accepted Materials

NEW THIS YEAR  To ensure a high-quality compost product, please separate yard waste into three categories:  Brush, Yard Debris without grass, and Yard Debris with grass.

Branches and Twigs
Woody Trimmings
Christmas Trees

No Wreaths (unless the metal wire has been removed)
No Rounds (place in separate Log/Firewood area)

Yard Debris with or without grass:
It can be difficult to separate grass from other yard debris. If you cannot, just put it all in the 'With Grass' section. If you can separate the grass, or you don't have any, please use the 'Without Grass' section.

Please, no brush in either section.

Examples of Yard Debris:

  • Leaves
  • Evergreen Needles
  • Soil
  • Annuals, Flowers, Vegetables
  • Weeds
  • Non-Woody plants
  • Paper bags for yard waste collection (please rip open or empty at site if possible) 

Compost for Residents

The compost that we make this year will be available next spring for residents.


The Town's Compost Site is located next to the Medical Building at 197 School Street. 

Hours of Operation - SITE WILL RE-OPEN 4/4/2020

Please note the Open/Closed sign at the entrance to the compost site. If the sign says Closed, please do not continue up to the site even if the chain is down.  Site may close during any regular open hours if significant snow is falling or access road is icey. 

  • Thursday:   9am to 3pm
  • Saturday:  9am to 3pm
  • Sunday:       9am to 3pm