MHA Housing Redevelopment Project

Affordable Housing Trust & Housing Authority RFQ

July 2023 - The Manchester Housing Authority and the Manchester Affordable Housing Trust (together “MHA/MAHT”) are requesting submissions of qualifications from for- profit or non-profit housing developers ("Respondent") with extensive experience in developing multi- family affordable housing, i.e., new construction and/or acquisition with rehabilitation.  Each Respondent should be available to assist MHA/MAHT as they finalize a conceptual plan for the new construction of additional housing at and possible redevelopment of the MHA’s state-aided mixed-income public housing developments located at, and known as, Newport Park, The Plains, and Loading Place Road (collectively, the “Sites”).    MHA/MAHT issues this Request for Qualifications (this “RFQ”) to engage with each Respondent, who will be available to meet with and assist MHA/MAHT in the refinement of the summary plan (the “Development Plan”), including discussion of community planning approaches, feasible disposition models, development type, project budget and possible financing options.    

MHA/MAHT, at a later date, after engagement with Respondents, and after refining and solidifying the conceptual Development Plan, will issue a development Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Development Plan, to formally solicit a development partner to advance the Development Plan.

MHA and MAHT RFQ for Development Partner
9.21.23 Agenda
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Affordable Housing Neighborhood Surveys

The MAHT and MHA created two surveys to receive community feedback on expanding affordable housing.

The neighborhood survey is meant to solicit feedback from neighbors regarding the potential redevelopment of Manchester Housing Authority sites and the DPW site.

The DPW survey is meant to solicit feedback from both neighbors and the general public regarding the potential to change the use of this site from its current municipal use to housing that would support the redevelopment of the MHA sites.

Final Survey Results - December 2021

Neighborhood Survey Results
DPW Neighborhood Survey Results

October 2021 MAHT MHA Summary Analysis

 MAHT MHA Summary Anaysis

March 2021 Housing Vision and Summary

MAHT and MHA Housing Vision and Study Summary

Conceptual Site Plans

Studying Options for Improvement and Expansion of MHA Senior and Family Housing

The Manchester Affordable Housing Trust, working with the Manchester Housing Authority is exploring options to renovate and expand the MHA state-subsidized properties at Newport Park, the Plains and Loading Place Road.    The goal is to preserve and modernize the existing units with minimal cost to local taxpayers while perhaps increasing the tax base with carefully designed additional units.   Without adequate state funding, the MHA properties have deferred capital needs that must be addressed as well as basic design issues that do not meet current codes or standards.   For example, half of the 80 MHA units restricted to seniors and handicapped households are in second story walk-ups, which presents challenges for seniors seeking to age in place. 

In August the Manchester Housing Authority (MHA) and the Manchester Affordable Housing Trust (MAHT) hired a housing development advisory consultant to evaluate the existing MHA properties and assess opportunities and alternatives for renovation and perhaps expansion.   The consultant will also help determine  the feasibility of a community affordable housing development on the  current DPW site on Pleasant St.   The consultant team of Peregrine Urban Initiative and DHK Architects will provide financial and concept development services as part of the evaluation.

MHA and MAHT have committed to involving residents currently living in the buildings as well as the general public throughout the process of identifying and outlining needs and reviewing plans.  The Consultant Team will submit a report of  by the end of 2020 or early 2021 with study findings, feasible concept plans, and recommendations for moving forward with redevelopment of the MHA and DPW sites.  The report will position the  MHA and MAHA to develop a request for proposals (RFP) to select a qualified redevelopment team to pursue the plan.  

For more information see  MHA and DPW Site Study  to the left.

March 2021 Housing Vision and Study Summary

MAHT and MHA Housing Vision and Study Summary

Housing Study Summary Analysis

2020 Affordable Housing Income and Rent Limits

2020 Income and Rent Limits