Am I entitled to an abatement?
See the Assessor’s office page.

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1. What are the due dates for Real Estate/Personal Property Taxes?
2. What if I don’t receive a Real Estate/Personal Property Bill?
3. What happens if I pay my Taxes late?
4. Are postmark dates accepted?
5. Where do I mail my Tax payment?
6. How do I change the old owner’s name that appears on the Tax Bill, after purchase of the property?
7. Am I entitled to an abatement?
8. What happens if there is an overpayment on my Tax bill?
9. What happens if I don’t pay my Real Estate Tax?
10. What happens if I don't pay my Personal Property Tax?
11. What should I do if I recently sold my property, but I am still receiving a tax bill?
12. What if I am buying a condominium that is in the middle of a conversion?