Personal Exemptions

You may be eligible to reduce a portion of the taxes assessed on your domicile if you meet the qualifications for one of the personal exemptions allowed under Massachusetts Law. Qualifications vary, but generally relate to age, ownership, residency, disability, income or assets. For further information on a particular exemption or questions you may have, please contact the Assessor's office.

Your application must be filed annually with the Manchester Board of Assessors no later than April 1st.

 This deadline cannot be extended or waived by the Assessors for any reason. If your application is not timely filed, you lose all rights to an exemption and the Assessors cannot by law grant you one. An application is filed when received by the Assessors.

Elderly exemptions allow a little more income and whole estate, based on the COLA (cost of living adjustment) each year.  This fiscal year 2018 it is 1.48%. We also are trying to give people more of an exemption so we have doubled the exemption amount.  Unfortunately that cannot be done in full right away because the taxpayer cannot pay less than they did the prior year.  The additional amount received will be small at first and hopefully increase yearly.