Curbside Kitchen Compost

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Manchester began offering a town-wide curbside kitchen composting program in April 2014.  Residents may place food waste and other acceptable items in a curbside container for weekly pickup.  Please see links below for program guidelines.


Kitchen Composting Facts

Did you know curbside composting and recycling save you and your town money? 
The more you fill your orange bags with trash, the more your town has to pay to take it away. Did you know that it costs more than $65 per ton to get rid of your trash? It only costs $45 per ton to take composting away, and removing recycled products from your home is free. Composting is a great way to reduce the amount of money that your town spends getting rid of trash. Curbside composting can save the Town of Manchester at least $340,000 every five years, so make sure that you and your family are composting and recycling as much as possible! 

Did you know that because of our curbside compost program...
The Town of Manchester has received more than $65,000 in grants from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This money can be used for high school Green Team projects, education, communication, and more recycling projects. There is SO much more money available for our town if more residents choose to recycle and compost!

Do you love Singing Beach, the woods, and the beauty of Manchester-by-the-Sea? 
30 to 40 percent of trash disposed of in orange bags is food waste. You can contribute to keeping our town beautiful by putting your food waste in a curbside compost bin instead. Rather than going into an incinerator that creates greenhouse gases, your waste will end up on a farm contributing to soil for our gardens.