ADA Advisory Committee


(3 Year Terms)
  • Elizabeth Heisey, Chair, 2025
  • Caitlin Eppes, 2025
  • Lisa Bonneville, 2024
  • Gretchen Wood, 2024
  • Laurie Werle, 2023
  • Vacancy, 2023
  • Vacancy, 2023
  • Town Administrator, ex officio

Please contact the ADA Committee through the Select Board Office at or 978-526-2000. 

Agendas and Minutes

Please view most recent agendas and minutes.


To serve the town in an advisory capacity
  • Objective 1: To distribute printed information on compliance guidelines.
  • Objective 2: To offer guidance and learning opportunities regarding methods and parameters of compliance and how to achieve them.
To identify the needs of the community under the ADA Civil Rights Law
  • Objective 1: To prioritize existing conditions of non-compliance to determine future initiatives.
  • Objective 2: To create public awareness of the increased accessibility of town properties.
    • Strategy 1: Submit monthly articles to the Manchester Cricket.
To monitor initiatives generated by this committee to see that results are achieved.

We have continued to work to bring accessibility to both town-owned and private facilities. Each year the Americans with Disabilities Advisory Committee honors local facilities that have opened their doors to the whole community by becoming accessible with the prestigious Access Award. The criteria for this award are:
  • Sufficient designated handicapped parking spaces
  • A safe and direct approach to the primary entrance
  • Doorways must be wide enough with no thresholds and ease of door opening
  • Ample room for seating and movement
  • Bathrooms in facilities offering food service or functions must be ADA-compliant.

ADA Study