CPA Funding Application Packet

THE COMMUNITY PRESERVATION COMMITTEE                                                                                             
Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts

(revised February 2011)                                                       


Guidelines for Project Submission

Deadline for applications is December 1


The CPC will determine if projects qualify for funding and scrutinize applications with reference to the specific work being proposed. They will then analyze the project to determine the relative urgency of the work, possible phasing approaches, and the relative importance of the project to the Town. Voting for what projects will proceed to Town Meeting, and how much funding they should receive will occur no later than the last Wednesday of February. Determination of which projects proceed to Town Meeting is solely the responsibility of the CPC and requires no other votes from other Boards or Committees. Final voting will occur at Town Meeting in April for funding to begin the following July. Town Meeting may not add projects nor increase amounts of proposed funding. They may, however, vote not to fund a project or to decrease the amount of proposed funding.

Completed applications should be mailed to or placed in the CPC mailbox at Town Hall and followed up by email notification to the CPC Chairman that the application is in transit.

  • Provide a clear breakdown of costs with descriptions of the main tasks involved in each part of each phase. Each phase may have sub-projects/tasks involved.
  • Provide a clear summarization of costs which build up to the final total amounts shown in the table on page 1 of this application.
  • Describe and quantify any other funding sources being sought even if no commitment has been made by them to assist in the project.
  • Describe sources of other recent funding you have received and how much your organization has spent on similar projects in the past.
  • Projects must be summarized fully with as complete a set of supporting information as possible. The use of maps, studies, visual aids, photographs and other supplemental information is encouraged.
  • Obtain estimates for project costs wherever possible. If third-party estimates are not available, provide a pro-forma with an explanation as to how the costs were arrived at.
  • If the request is part of a multi-year or phased project, detail the total costs and describe the prioritization and sequencing of funding.
There are legal limitations as to the use of CPA funds. Consultation by the CPC with Town Counsel may be required but is not the responsibility of the applicant. Submit proposals as early as possible. Additional information on the CPA and the types of projects already funded statewide are available online.