Certificate of Compliance

Upon completion of the work permitted in an Order of Conditions, the property owner must request a Certificate of Compliance from the issuing authority stating that the work has been satisfactorily completed. A Certificate of Compliance will only be issued after the commission is convinced that the applicant carried out all of the conditions of the to the fullest extent possible.

A request for a Certificate of Compliance is done on a Wetlands Protection Act Form 8A (called a Request for a Certificate of Compliance) and must be accompanied by the following:
  • An as-built plan
  • A check made out to the Town of Manchester for $100
  • A completed WPA Form 8A
After receipt of the above three items, the conservation administrator will schedule a site inspection. The purpose of the site inspection is to compare the as-built plan with what is on the ground and to compare the as-built plan with the plan submitted for the original permit. The Commission will vote whether to issue the Certificate of Compliance at the next meeting (after the site inspection).