Fee Schedule

Fee Type
Price Occurrence

Loan Application Fee


Per Loan
New Member Fee $5 once per lifetime fee
Bill Paying $3 per check
Withdrawals $2 per check after 3 checks per month
Check Cashing $3 per check
Wire Transfers $15 per transfer
Check Returned $25 check returned for insufficient funds
Stop Payment Order $25 per order
Statement Copies $5 per statement
Research  $30 to research information less than 1 year

$40 to research information older than 1 year
Loan Late Penalty $25 after 15 days for each month late
Rewrite Loan $25 personal loans rewritten within 6 months

$75 new and used cars and boats
Short Term Loan $25 loan written for 90 days or less


Members with questions about their accounts will not be charged if the question is brought to the attention of the Credit Union staff within 90 days of the Statement date.