Where to park when visiting or residing in Manchester-by-the-Sea.

  1. Visitor Parking

Manchester has a limited amount of public parking available in the downtown district.  

Beach Street: 2-Hour Visitor Parking is available along Beach Street between 8am-6pm. 

Town Hall Parking Lot: Located at 10 Central Street. There are approximately 50 (2-hour) spaces. There is a pedestrian walkway connecting the parking lot to downtown businesses. 

Masconomo Parking Lot: Located at 60 Beach Street. There are approximately 20 (3-hour) spaces.

40 Beach Street Lot (Seasonal)Located at Harbor Point and privately managed. There are approximately 20 spaces on weekends Memorial Day through Labor Day. Opens at 9 AM weather permitting. 
Cost: $25

Singing Beach Parking Lot (Non-Resident Parking Rules)Lot closes daily at 10 PM. All vehicles must be removed. Violators towed at Operator’s expense.

  • April 16 – October 14:  Limited availability Monday through Friday when attendant is on duty and at beach manager’s discretion.
  • October 15 – April 15:  Limited parking available in designated areas. Dogs are allowed during this time.

Please visit Singing Beach for further information.

  1. Resident Parking
  1. MBTA Parking
  1. Town Parking Lot Rules
  1. Parking Placards