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Apr 24

BOS Weekly Update - April 25, 2019

Posted on April 24, 2019 at 9:49 AM by Elizabeth Dukes

BOS WEEKLY UPDATE – April 25, 2019

Recycling Awareness efforts:  Receive an “OOPS” sticker?  Just trying to help you help us!  We are working to clean up our recyclable goods in order to avoid paying penalties for contaminated loads. Changes in the recycling market are requiring a higher standard of pure recyclable materials free from non-recyclable products.  Please avoid using or putting any plastic bags with your recyclable items – use bins or a trash can marked recyclables.  For a complete list of do’s and don’ts, go to the DPW’s recycling page on the Town’s web site. Contaminated loads will be marked and not be picked up next week -- Recycle Smart!

Spring Cleaning Time!  The Board of Health is hosting their annual household hazardous waste collection day on April 27.  Pre-registration is required.  Contact  Ellen Lufkin at the Board of Health Office at Town Hall at 978-526-7385.  And the Manchester Community Center, in conjunction with the Parks and Recreation Department, is once again sponsoring a Community Clean-up day, May 4 from 9AM to Noon with a pizza lunch and raffle to follow.  Call the Center at 978-526-7626.  

Water main flushing:  Spring also means it is time to flush the water mains.  Our Water Department staff will be working throughout town opening hydrants to flush the water pipes.  Typically this work takes place from 8PM to midnight.  The process can cause temporary discoloration of the water.  Running a cold water tap for a bit usually clears this up. 

Trash, Recycling, Compost: Regular Monday and Tuesday Pick ups

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