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Oct 11

MPC Update - October 11, 2016

Posted on October 11, 2016 at 10:51 AM by Melanie Oldeman

The Master Plan Committee (MPC) thanks the 549 residents who participated in the community survey during the month of September; a final report will be issued by the end of October.

The MPC completed feedback sessions with the School and Finance Committees as well as the Board of Selectmen, and plans to meet with additional boards, committees and the public before finalizing its draft Vision Plan in December. The Vision Plan will serve as the foundation for Master Plan goals and recommendations which will be drafted over the winter.

The MPC continues to facilitate and advance community discussions throughout the Master Planning process, including neighborhood meetings to share information and obtain feedback. Residents in the Raymond Street area will gather October 25 with several members of the MPC. If you have neighbors (or a group of more dispersed friends) who would like to hear about the Master Plan work and provide feedback, please email 
Sue Brown or call 978-525-6436.

Please visit the 
MPC website for more information. 

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