My taxes are too high. What can I do to reduce the burden?
If you believe that your property assessment valuation is the problem, you may file an abatement application. If you are concerned about high taxes in general, but not your assessment, you must address the town’s budget. Taxes are determined by the size of the town budget. Your vote at Town Meeting is the best way to express your concern. Your votes on the budget, Proposition 2.5 overrides, capital purchases. And town debt ultimately affects your real estate taxes.

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1. What is an abatement application? Why might I need one?
2. When can I file an abatement request?
3. My taxes are too high. What can I do to reduce the burden?
4. Where can I get help with an abatement request or more information on personal exemptions?
5. What is fair market value?
6. What method does Manchester use to determine fair market value?
7. What factors were used to determine my property value in the most recent revaluation?
8. Where can I get information on properties in Manchester?
9. Do I have to allow the assessor into my home?
10. What makes an arm’s length sale?
11. Why are the measurements of my residence different from those made by the real estate agent?
12. Will my assessment go up if I repair my property?
13. I have recently built a home. Will the construction cost be used for my assessment?
14. Where can I get a list of recent house sales?
15. When do taxpayers receive their bills?
16. Why is the Former owner’s name still on my tax bill?