40B Project

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Next ZBA Public Hearing

Wednesday, July 13 at 7 PM (Environmental)
Wednesday, July 27 at 7 PM
(*Extension granted on June 1, 2022 by SLV through July 2022)


About 40B

G.L. c. 40B, §§ 20-23 – known as Chapter 40B or the Comprehensive Permit Law – is a state law that was enacted in 1969 to facilitate construction of low- or moderate-income housing. It establishes a consolidated local review and approval process (known as a “comprehensive permit”) that empowers the zoning board of appeals (ZBA) in each city and town to hold hearings and make binding decisions that encompass all local ordinances or bylaws and regulations. In certain circumstances, the ZBA’s comprehensive permit decision may be appealed to the Massachusetts Housing Appeals Committee (HAC), which has the power to affirm, modify, or overturn local decisions.

Zoning Board of Appeals - 40B Hearings

Strategic Land Ventures (SLV) received a Project Eligibility Letter (PEL) from MassHousing on September 16, 2021. On September 27, 2021 SLV filed an application with the Zoning Board of Appeals for the development of Shingle Hill. The ZBA will open the public hearing process on October 26, 2021. 

ZBA 40B Handbook

ZBA Requests of Applicant and Responses

  1. Letter from SLV 6.1.22
  2. SLV.Chessia The Sanctuary 40B ZBA Eng_Rev 4-13-22_V2_5.11.2022
  3. SLV.Horsley Comments (Test Pit Data) 041322 (final)_V2_5.11.2022
  4. SLV Response To Beals and Thomas Inquiries 3_V2_5.11.2022
  5. Davis Sq Arch_Arch Peer Review Sanctuary_Applicant Response_042022
  6. 20012_SchoolSt MBTS_Architectural Peer Response Exhibits_041522
  7. SLV School Street_response on sidewalk questions_V1_April 13 2022
  8. 1_SLV School Street_Updated Landscaping Plan_4.4.2022_L-200
  9. 2_SLV School Street_Updated Overall Landscaping Plan_4.4.2022 L-300
  10. 3_SLV School Street_Landscaping Plan_4.4.2022_Notes and Details_L_300
  11. SLV.BT Environmental Peer Review_3_7_2022_4.5.2022 Applicant Responses to B T_For Submittal
  12. SLV Wetland Bylaw Waivers 4.5.2022 For Submittal
  13. SLV School Street_Confirmattion of Goddard Consulting Scope_3.10.2022
  14. Sanctuary at MBTS RFI re Traffic_Transporation_Parking_Circulation 03.07
  15. Geoff Engler_Signed Certification_Manchester ZBA_March 2022
  16. SLV.Memo.fire access
  17. B T Memo re Initial Request for Information Env and Civ Eng_ 2_22_2022
  18. Memo from Allen & Majors 2022-03-03 - SLV - Driveway Design
  19. ZBA Outstanding Information Request of Miller Engineering_Final
  20. ZBA Requests of Mr. Engler 2.18.22
  21. Response from Geoff Engler re Driveway Length
  22. 1_SLV School Street_Comment on Soil Testing_2.28.2022
  23. 2_Attachment A_0 School Street Manchester MassDEP Witnessted Soil Logs - 2020-11-18 19
  24. 3_Attachment B_0 School Streeet Manchester_Soil Observation Logs - 2020-4-9
  25. 4_Exhibit 1.1_2022-02-18 - Test Pit Plan C-108A
  26. 5_Exhibit 1.2_2022-02-18 - Test Pit Plan C-108B
  27. 1_2022-03-23 - Civil Engineering_Comp Permit Plan Submittal
  28. 2_2022-03-23 - Sanctuary at Manchester-by-the-Sea Drainage Report
  29. 3_SLV Response To MArch 4 2022_Beals and Thomas Memo
  30. 4_SLV Preliminary Narrative to Snow Storage
  31. 5_SLV_Preliminary Interior Sidewalk_Concept Plan
  32. 6_SLV_2022-03-23 - Zoning Bylaw Waivers_For Submittal
  33. 7_SLV Narrative on Proposed Sewer Strategy_3.25.2022
  34. 8_Possible Conservation Land Restriction_Donation_For Submittal



Traffic, Parking, Circulation

Water and Sewer

Safe Harbor Request

Application to ZBA - September 2021

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